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Problems You Face & How We Solve Them

I am tired of being Disappointed by Service Stations who say they have cleaned my car but they manage to always do a horrible job
We Specialize in Car Care and Detailing. No Team Member at Sterling has worked in a Service Station, that has ensured that they have not picked up the habit of cutting corners. The work done by us is very very thorough, we put in time, effort and great car care products in achieving a Great end result
My Car has started looking Dull and Old and does not Turn Heads on the Road Anymore
We Have Comprehensive Cleaning & Detailing Packages for addressing this problem wherein through Multiple Steps we Bring Back the New Look for your car, both inside and out to make your Car Look Stunning like the Day you got it from the Showroom, the look stays for a long time and is guaranteed to turn you into a Car Lover all over again


My New Car needs to look New for a Long time, I do not want it to look like a Second Hand Car in 3 Months
We Protect the Paint Finish of a New Car by using Products like Car Clay, Waxes and Synthetic Polymer Sealants which form a Cross Linked Coat which ensures that your new car is Protected against the Elements and would need relatively less appearance maintenance compared to the average New Car
I do not trust just anybody with my car, I do not know which Products they will use and whether they will harm the Finish and Look of my car in the long run
We use Products from their Original Packaging, you can see for yourself which product is being used where, the steps that we follow are strictly Non – Aggressive and Mild compared to Traditional Methods and Products