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What is our Specialization?

And How does it Matter to you?

A) We work much Harder than the Average Car Care Outfit
B) We do our level best to remove imperfections in the Car’s Finish to the best extent possible. What this means is that whereas most Car Cleaners & Car Detailers are focusing on Just Cleaning it, we go one step ahead and target the following.


  • Swirl Marks,
  • Minor Scratches,
  • Faded and Oxidized Paint,
  • Germs & Bacteria
  • Dull Vinyl and Rubber Components,
  • Deep Stains on Upholstery,
  • Hard and Dirty Leather,
  • Oxidization and Rust on Metal and Chrome Components
  • Bad Smells & Odors


Why it matters to you is that We are the Only Car Care Outfit which is trying to put your car in Mint Condition all over again !!!