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5 March 2014
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5 March 2014, Comments: 0

Having had the local car cleaning outfit work on my 5 year old car, and then being disappointed and then getting my car to a professional car spa which used Meguiars and 3M products on it, I can gladly say that Yes, a Car Spa does make a huge difference. Even in North India, where Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida are the fastest growing Car markets as well as the fastest growing car care markets.

The process started off with a hand wash where hand mitts and all purpose cleaner was used along with chemically treated soft water, once this got over, steam was used to almost bathe the car with huge torrents of steam. Apparently steam is some sort of new found magic wand which has become a rage in the car care market. Then, clay bars were used along with water to remove all bonded contaminants, cars pick up these contaminants over time and there is no way to non aggressively remove them without the use of a clay bar. Remember, the black clay bar is the most aggressive and should not be used by an amateur; we should just stick to the white clay.

Once the contaminants have been removed from the exterior of the car we then move onto the correction of the paint defects. This includes two steps, compounding and polishing. Compounding is the more aggressive step in which diminishing abrasive technology is used to remove dead paint cells from the paint so that the lively paint cells underneath come up to the surface, believe you me, this makes a huge difference. After this polishing was done using a foam pad and a rotary buffer. In terms of which is the best rotary buffer out there I would gladly say Makita is without doubt the best brand available in the buffer machines market in India.

Forget Wax, we have products like synthetic sealants and ceramic coatings which beat he pants off plain old wax anyday. These coatings are expensive but they do offer more durable benefits also, they protect the car from acid rain, bird droppings, minor scratches and industrial fallout not to mention the greatest destroyer of a car’s looks over time, ultra violet rays from the Sun. All in all car detailing services offered by a car Spa in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon are here to stay. This coming from me, who normally cleans and maintains his car himself

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