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Pamper your Car at a Car Spa in Delhi & Gurgaon in India

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2 March 2014
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2 March 2014, Comments: 0

Pamper your Car at a Car Spa in Delhi & Gurgaon in India


We are in an age and stage where Cars have become status symbols and are no longer a means of transport but are more a means of showing off wealth, status and taste. Car Spa is a concept which has mushroomed along with this line of thinking and has gradually caught the imagination of the Car Owner Faction in India. This is most prominent in North India, especially Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida the so called Delhi NCR of the North.


Treatments such as Interior Detailing, Enrichment, Paint Protection and Engine Bay Detailing are not unheard of as of today, Owners of Premium Cars know these terms by heart now. Be it a BMW or an Audi, as sales of these cars have picked up so has the number of Car Spas. Even service centers for these premium cars have tied up with car spa companies to provide these services in-house, but these turn out be very unreasonable for most customers, even owners of high end cars.


Let us take a look at a few options for services provided under a Car Spa –

a) Interior Detailing – Starts off with Steam cleaning of the AC Vents which are most probably the dirtiest part of a car and is followed by cleaning and conditioning of each and every part of the car interior. Leather is cleaned, and then conditioned with a alo- vera based conditioner and lastly is coated with a chemical that protects it from UV rays.


b) Interior Enrichment – The elements inside the car age with time, they lose luster, and shine and moisture, there are products used by a Car Spa which return these three elements back. It is totally worth the money paid.


c) Exterior Detailing – This includes Compounding, Polishing and the Synthetic Sealant Treatment from Meguiars, has to be done once a year, this also reduces the cost of appearance maintenance be doing away with the need to getting the car periodically polished and waxed.


The above mentioned areas of India have around 60% of the car spa market in the entire country; famous names are Sterling Car Spa and Excel Car Spa. Both these companies use Meguiars products and have established a reputation for International Standard Work. The prices range from a measly 2000 rupees to upwards of 10000 rupees. So, next time your beloved car looks dull and tardy just take her to one of these and she’ll come out looking like a million bucks for sure.

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