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Exterior detailing, Paint Correction & Protection and Synthetic Polymer Sealant Coating

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Benefits of Exterior Detailing

Top 4 Benefits

Protects & Enhances Car Shine

  • Paint Protection provides the ultimate mirror finish protective coating which remains flexible and allows the paint surface to remain natural and flex with temperature changes.

UV Protection

  • Protects your vehicle's precious finish against harmful environmental pollutants that include; UV Rays , Bird Droppings ,Tree Sap , Road Dirt and Grime , Acid Rain & Detergents

Removes Minor Scratches & Swirls

  • Exterior Detailing through Claying, Compounding & Polishing removes all ugly light scratches & Swirl Marks which stop the Car from Reflecting Light which determines Shine for the Car

Easier Appearance Maintenance

  • After the following Steps it is much easier to take care of the Car, Regular Washing with water is not required and neither is Polishing


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Meguiars Mitt

Multipurpose Cleaner
  • We Use Special Car Mitts for Cleaning the Car Exteriors with Multipurpose Solution from Meguiars, this removes all dirt and grime and does not harm the paint at all

Steam Cleaning

Low Pressure
  • We Use Low Pressure Steam to Clean all the Hard to Reach Nooks and Crannies which if cleaned with water would rust up, Steam helps keep Rust and Water Logging Away

Car Claying

Removing Bonded Contaminants
  • We Use Automotive Clay to remove all Bonded Contaminants on the Car Surface without Harming the Car Paint, Claying makes the surface Glass Like

Microfiber Buffing

Microfiber Towels
  • We Use Special Towels called Microfibers which are far superior to other towels used in Car Care, these are used to buff and dry out the Car by hand

Machine Compounding

Meguiars Compound
  • Next, we use a Meguiars Compound with Cutting Abrasives which are diminishing, It does two jobs at once and after this stage the Paint is Imperfection Free and Ready Polishing

Machine Polishing

Meguiars Polish
  • Then, we use a Meguiars Polish with diminishing polishing abrasives for refining the Paint Surface even more, After this step the paint surface is imperfection free and ready to be protected

Synthetic Sealant Application

Synthetic Sealant
  • We Use a Synthetic Polymer Sealant and apply it using applicator pads to enhance & Protect Car Paint, this is the first layer of Paint Protection and this sealant has life of between 6-12 months based on Maintenance

Hard Paste Wax Application

Meguiars Hard Wax
  • After the Sealant to add extra protection we apply Hard Paste Wax which is more durable compared to Liquid Wax, it imparts gloss and water beading properties to the Paint Surface, it also adds around 2 odd months to the Sealant's Life

Chrome & Alloy Polishing

With Small Brushes
  • All Soft Chrome parts & Alloys are Cleaned and Polished using Small Soft Bristled Brushes so as not to scratch them, We use a Mixture of 3 Meguiars Products for this

Headlight TailLight Polishing

PolyCarb Compound
  • Headlights and Taillights are Polished using a Special PolyCarb Compound which makes them much Clearer and Glassier, We then Hand Buff the Polish off

Chrome Badges Polishing

With Soft Brushes
  • We Pay Special Attention to Badges and use soft bristled brushes and Meguiars Products to bring the Badges to life which adds a lot of value to the Car's Looks

Tyre, Vinyl & Rubber Conditioning

Cleaning & Conditioning
  • We Clean and Condition all Vinyl, Fiber & Rubber Parts so as to bring them back to their original condition

UV Dressing

For Protection
  • We Put UV Dressing on the Vinyl & Plastic Parts to protect them from fading and turning dull because of the UV effect of the Sun
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