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5 March 2014
Comments: 0
5 March 2014, Comments: 0

A Car Spa is a car Wash, a Car Detailing Unit and a Car Cleaning Unit  in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon in India where customers are far more demanding and have varied needs compared to their counterparts in the West.

Services like Exterior Detailing, Interior Detailing and Enrichment, Engine Bay Detailing and sophisticated Paint Protection packages for both new and old cars are a necessity if a car Spa has to sustain itself as a durable business model.

We have reached a stage in the Car care market when there is enough interest from potential customers for a car Spaunit to add services in anticipation of demand. None of this would have been possible without the pioneers in this business like Sterling Car Spa which have grown exponentially year on year and have built up a loyal band of customers who do not think twice about referring them to others. This effect gets compounded as each year passes.

car spa

Before we get carried away about how a Car Spa is a good proposition, we have to take a step back and figure out how and where, we have to pay attention to signs that a car spa unit could take us for a ride –

a)    If the owner of the Car Spa is not knowledgeable about the products they use

b)    If the Car Spa does not have a well defined process which they are willing to share

c)    If the staff at the car Spa has been taken from Service Centers, this normally means that they will cut corners

d)    If they use their “own” products, there s a company in Mumbai which does that, but the gentleman who runs the firm has been in business for the last 13 years and has over the years developed expertise in terms of chemical and engineering skills required to put car care products together

e)    If the staff is not in uniform or is wearing metal chains, rings etc while working on cars

Even with the above 5 steps of warning, we still can go to a detailing unit because it is a very worthwhile investment. Compared to the lacs we have spent on our car, a few thousand rupees for its upkeep should not pinch, especially when the reason we all buy our cars is the fact that we like the way they look. So, let us all decide that having a shiny and well detailed car is the key to driving pleasure.

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