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Car Interior Detailing Services in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon

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Benefits of Interior Detailing

Top 4 Benefits

Fresher & Contamination Free Interiors

  • Deep Cleaning and Detailing of the Car’s Interiors is the most important part of the detailing process. Why? Because that is where you are most of the time..

Germ and Odor free

  • We use Steam to clean and disinfect AC Vents, nooks and crannies inside the Car, As a finishing step we use a Odor Prevention Treatment which helps your car become odor free and would keep it that way.

Enhances Interiors Life

  • Leather, Fabric, Vinyl, Fabric and Rubber all decay and diminish with age. We use products to additionally condition these parts of the Car so as to preserve the look of the interiors

Only Twice a Year

  • Unless you spill something inside the Car, our interior detailing package would be sufficient for 6 odd months, it is very intensive work which rejuvenates the interiors.


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Germ Free Treatment Deodarization

  • We use low pressure steam in all parts of the Car Interiors which kiils germs and also kills odd pungent odors, this is the first step to our interior detailing process

AC Vents Cleaning

Steam and APC
  • We Use Low Pressure Steam and APC to clean and disinfect the AC Vents, there are a lot of contaminants inside the AC vent which are very unhygienic

Vacuuming & Deep Cleaning

APC & Microfibers
  • We Use APC and Microfibers to deep clean every part of the Car Cabin, this is the basic cleaning step which is followed by more intensive procedures aimed at different interior components

Leather Seats Reconditioning

Meguiars Leather Conditioner
  • We Use a Special Product from Meguiars which cleans and conditions Leather making it softer, Leather being a porous Material tends to accumulate dirt and grime faster which also makes it's life shorter

Vinyl & Rubber Reconditioning

Conditioner & Protectant
  • All Vinyl & Rubber parts like dashboard, Car Door parts etc are coated with a conditioner cum protectant to enhance the look as well as keep them looking fresh for a longer period of time

Stain Removal

Meguiars Product
  • We Use a Product for taking care of stains like food stains or water and Oil Spots, this is sometimes necessary in cars which are used by small children and Teenagers

UV Dressing

  • We use a protectant for the Dashboard which gets exposed to UV rays of the sun, these rays make the fiber brittle and faded, this protectant helps against this

Odor Prevention Treatment

Meguiars Product
  • A Stinky Car can drive any car owner up the bonnet, As a finished step we use a Odor Prevention Treatment which kills odors and smells and also helps protect against them in the future